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Developing Partnerships: an on-line resource list

This resource list provides links to a number of key websites and documents which provide information on business/education partnerships.

A partnership program is characterised by number of distinct features which include:

This resource list has been developed for use by senior school educators. Users should note that the area of business/education partnerships is a developing area, with new information appearing on the web at regular intervals.

The resource list is divided into four categories:

1. Introduction to partnerships

These sites provide preliminary reading that will help users understand:

The sites also contain information on the business case for partnerships, including resources that look at what partnership programs have achieved for the various stakeholders involved in them.

2. Partnership development processes

These sites provide a range of materials including 'how to' guides, steps and processes to follow when developing a partnership and procedural guidelines that need to be followed to ensure student safety.

3. Case studies

Websites in this category illustrate school/business partnerships that have already been developed. The examples reflect a range of educational partnership program options that are available including:

A number of the case studies highlight the real advantage of engaging with non-profit organisations (NPOs) to develop meaningful student, community and business outcomes - a 'three-way win'.

4. Specific purpose sites

This section contains information which is relevant to a particular focus area of business/education partnerships, but does not fit into one of the above categories.

1. Introduction to partnerships

Ourcommunity- Community Business Partnerships - Work Experience and Your Partnership

Prime Minister's Community Business Partnership - Partnership Stories

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) - Community Partnerships site

Dusseldorp Skills Forum (DSF)

2. Partnership development processes

Working with business [pdf]


The Smith Family

3. Case studies

Beacon Foundation - No Dole Program

Unilever - Education

Ardoch Youth Foundation

Westpac Internet -Education

BITC - Business Action on Education

West Berkshire Education Business Partnership (EBP)

Mission Australia

Holden Education Programs [pdf]

This document is from the section of Holden's corporate website that outlines its support for Australian education.


IBM Australia - Community - Education and Training

4. Specific purpose sites

Youth Mentoring Network

'Groundhog' Job Shadow Day 2006

Educational Business Partnerships - Google Search

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