Enterprising Projects

Canteen Cravings

Schools involved Primary Central Secondary
Ulladulla PS:
Year 6
  Ulladulla HS:
Years 7 & 8

Students at both schools identified a need to make students aware of 'healthy food' in the school canteens at the respective schools. It was felt that student involvement in the change processes around the school canteens may lead to a more positive view of students' wants and needs by canteen committees. Students expressed their concern with issues associated with childhood obesity.

The design process culminated in a student presentation to the canteen committee of each of the schools.

Sample canteen menu

Students were involved in every aspect of the process. This project was STUDENT CENTRED and teacher facilitated.

Pasta Box gets the thumbs up Preparing the food Working on the project

Reflections on Enterprise Learning

"We decided what we would make.... we have never done that before !!" "The new food is really cool.... and it is good to know that we will be healthier." "I liked working on a real project that would help other people." "Working in the High School kitchen and using the equipment was great. Now I'm looking forward to high school."
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