Enterprising Projects

It's Chicken Feed

Schools involved Primary Central Secondary
Rolland Plains PS: Year 6   Wauchope HS: Year 8
Chicken Feeder Design

The inefficiency of chicken feeders used on local properties was identified as a significant problem. Students at both schools worked collaboratively to design and produce a more effective commercial chicken feeder. After researching the requirement of local producers, they set the following criteria for the new product: suitable for use with ten chickens; holds food for 1 week; keeps vermin out; keeps water out as much as possible; saves food from being wasted; and is strong and durable.

Students were involved in every aspect of the process. This project was STUDENT CENTRED and teacher facilitated.

Chook montage

Reflections on Enterprise Learning

"It was really great going to the High School and learning to use real metalwork stuff." "Our feeder is better than the one at home, and we bought that one! I really enjoyed seeing how things can be better!" "We did a lot of maths to work out the shape of the metal before we folded it up."
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