Enterprising Projects

Let the Games Begin

Schools involved Primary Central Secondary
Rooty Hill PS, Eastern Creek PS and Minchinbury PS:
Years 5 & 6
  Rooty Hill Technology HS:
Year 8
Minchinbury PS board games

Minchinbury PS designed and made board games based on different tourist attractions in Australia e.g. Ayers Rock, the Great Barrier Reef, Mount Kosciusko. The games were full of trivia and were were trialled with younger students who showed great interest.

Students from Rooty Hill Technology High School worked with each of the primary schools to design, make and evaluate learning tools that are fun and interactive, and that can be used by teachers as a resource when teaching the content of Stage 3 syllabuses. Students from each of the primary schools produced somewhat different types of learning tools.

This project was STUDENT CENTRED and teacher facilitated.

Eastern Creek PS display of their DVD

Eastern Creek PS designed and made a DVD based on parliamentary processes. The video simulates the passing of a bill to allow 13 year olds to own a credit card with a limit of $500.

Rooty Hill PS testing their computer game.

Rooty Hill PS designed and made computer games that link Year 8 Information Technologies with primary work on Mathematics and SciTech.

Reflections on Enterprise Learning

"Us high school kids really enjoyed working with the primary students." "It was great being a high school mentor .. and we learnt so much helping the other kids."
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