Enterprising Projects

The Last Drop

Schools involved Primary Central Secondary
Robert Townson PS:
Years 5 & 6
  Robert Townson HS: Year 7
The garden design

The schools worked collaboratively through a number of smaller projects before undertaking a major project to:

Design a water saving garden that will help the environment and reduce the schools' water bill.

Students identified the need for the garden to be low maintenance and fit into the school landscape. They chose to focus on native Australian plants and they created a file detailing how plants are grown and the advantages and disadvantages of different species. Students researched different types of mulch, irrigation systems and retaining walls.

The metaphor - desigining and making bridges

The class negotiated the design with the principal of each school. Students were involved in every aspect of the process. This project was STUDENT CENTERED and teacher facilitated.

Reflections on Enterprise Learning

"The visit to Mt Annan was great – they taught us about drought resistant plants." "I was in the education group. We taught other kids about plants and how to save water." "It was so much fun working together …. the best part was planting plants." "We researched and learnt so much about irrigation."
Learning about plants Would you drink your poo? Working hard
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