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Schools involved Primary Central Secondary
Quirindi PS: Year 6   Quirindi HS: Year 7
Students and their proposal

Students identified the need for young people to have better recreational facilities. Their research indicated that adults and children in Quirindi have access to a range of interesting activities but that many of those in between these age groups spend a significant amount of time "hanging 'round".

After further research of the interests of the target group, students decided to design a bicycle track and to develop the proposal that could be submitted to the local council for consideration.

The project required ongoing negotiation with council officers to ensure that the proposal met local government requirements. The students constructed a scale model to be used as part of a submission and to elicit public support for the development.

Students mind map their ideas

Students were involved in every aspect of the process. This project was STUDENT CENTRED and teacher facilitated.

Reflections on Enterprise Learning

"We learnt a lot from our visit to the Singleton Bike Track it changed our thinking." "We learnt how the Council works and what we have to do to get our proposal through." "Our project is not just about kids at our school. Lots of kids hang out and need something to do."
Businesses helped students with engineering Students and their proposal Students discuss their proposal with their teacher
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