Enterprising Projects

Pups and Kittens

Schools involved Primary Central Secondary
Rutherford P S:Year 5 & 6   Rutherford Technology HS: Year 8
Students working with RSPCA animals

The project grew out of problems associated with the relocation of the local branch of the RSPCA. Across the Newcastle area there was limited awareness of the new site or of the services it provides. The management of the re-located Branch were enthusiastic about involvement with local schools and as a result the schools negotiated a brief: to design an information kit for distribution to local school communities. The kit aimed to promote RSPCA activities and the new RSPCA Rutherford Shelter, and to highlight the responsibilities of pet owners.

As a result of the project, the schools worked together to produce:

Students preparing to create A Million Paws

This project was STUDENT CENTRED and teacher facilitated.

Hard at work!                   Student performing music for the video                   At the RSPCA

Reflections on Enterprise Learning

"The project was exciting because we were doing something real for the RSPCA.... not just school work." "The primary kids were really great.... They had good ideas and we taught each other." "We learnt that sometimes we have to wait.... and we have to manage our own time and know when to do things."
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