Building Bridges - Enterprise Learning in the Middle Years

Enterprising Culture

With regard to the building of an enterprising culture across NSW government schools, Building Bridges has certainly achieved a significant amount in what was an exceptionally high ideal to strive for. Indeed, Atelier refers to the project as '...exploring 'new ground' in enterprise learning', and states that 'The Building Bridges project has been a 'flagship' for enterprising learning, especially in the middle years context. It has enabled schools in very different contexts and settings to engage positively and creatively in core, central issues of Australian schooling. At the level of best practice, it has been integrated into approach and practice to ensure that young people can participate in quality learning so that they acquire and apply skills for life'.

As Atelier indicates, '...with the inception of the third phase, some 60 schools have had opportunity to engage in Building Bridges. The number of principals, teachers, students, parents and community members who now have knowledge of the project is not inconsequential. This achievement, irrespective of the focus on 'depth' in the project design, provides a solid foundation on which future effort around enterprising learning can be built'.

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