Building Bridges - Enterprise Learning in the Middle Years

Enterprising Outcomes

Atelier's research found that the project enhanced student enterprising outcomes, noting that '...a significant level of impact on student outcomes, especially in those schools that undertook the enterprise learning survey and gathered quantifiable data about the development of enterprising qualities and characteristics over time. Many students were strongly affirming of their increased engagement and connectedness as learners through Building Bridges'.

Further, Atelier noted that 'Students became much more articulate about what it meant to be an enterprising learner over the course of the project compared to understandings at its commencement', and that 'Most students felt that they demonstrated evidence of being more enterprising over the course of the project'.

Atelier provided quantifiable evidence that Building Bridges supported student entrepreneurial and enterprising skill development particularly in areas such as decision making, leading, initiative, self-reflection and working in cooperative teams.

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