Building Bridges - Enterprise Learning in the Middle Years


Atelier commenced its work by completing an action research report on the initial phase(s) of the project in July 2006. Atelierís evidence base was gathered by methodology that included teacher journals, student, parent and teacher surveys, and focus group sessions involving project teachers, school executive staff, students and parents/community members. Data analysis around survey instruments against the Enterprising Learner Framework (used by Atelier in the 2004 national action research) was used by Atelier as part of the dialogue with case study schools during two rounds of school visits.

More recently, Atelier has completed an evaluation of the whole Building Bridges project (completed in May 2007). The methodology included an analysis of project documentation, an analysis of data from phase one, interviews with strategic stakeholders, state and regional personnel of NSW DET and the project reference group and visits/discussions with a sample of phase three schools.

So a significant gathering of data and evidence has been gathered across the whole project that can be sourced via the two Atelier reports.

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