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About Studio E

Studio E is a virtual studio designed to help students explore an enterprising task and draft a design brief for their own project.

Scaffolding is provided that assists students to:

By working through a series of tasks, students generate text that will become part of a one page project brief similar in content and structure to project briefs used by industry. For each task 'pop ups' are available to explain what the task is about and what students have to do. Additionally, many examples of project work are available to illustrate what others have done at similar stages of a design project. A sample project brief is provided.

Research has indicated that increased student participation in establishing the brief for a design task enhances the potential of the project to develop important aspects of enterprising capability. Increased student participation also improves students' motivation and ownership of project activities.

The following links contain information that may be printed for use by students as they work though Studio E.

Suggestions are provided to assist teachers to plan learning activities that complement studentís use of the software.

Studio E is an initiative developed by the Vocational Education in Schools Directorate in co-operation with the Curriculum Directorate. It responds directly to the experience of Stage 3 and Stage 4 schools during the Building Bridges Project.

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