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About the Youth Environment Council




Purpose diagram

YEC Aims to

  1. Build and achieve a healthy environment in all schools and wider community
  2. Work amongst the community to teach and learn about the environment
  3. Achieve sustainability by taking care of biodiversity, water, energy and waste
  4. Provide the opportunity for all youth to have a voice on environmental issues.


Thinking globally and acting locally


  • Newsletter
  • Plan with local councils to work on community projects
  • Contact local environment organizations to act as mentors
  • Fundraising
  • Support for school Student Environment Council’s

In schools

  • Involvement in special days – World Env. Day, Clean Up Australia, National Tree Day etc
  • Audits – waste, energy, water, bio
  • Eco civics awards
  • Annual evaluation of School Environmental Management Plan
  • Cluster school / community

In community

  • Plan community projects with Landcare or Council groups
  • Council encouragement and sponsorship
  • Community mentors
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