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The Clarence / Coffs Harbour District has long been recognised as a leader in the development and implementation of Environmental Education Initiatives. The involvement in the Sustainable Schools Project resulted in representatives being invited down to Canberra in June last year to provide input into the development of a national program. An outcome of the conference was the desire by students to develop a “Youth Environment Council” (YEC) that would represent schools in our area.  A very successful workshop was held at the Botanic Gardens on 24th October and the students from 7 Primary and High Schools developed a vision, framework, aims and logo Funding was obtained through a Civic and Citizenship grant as the Camp developed student leadership and promoted skills and attitudes to care for the environment. An Annual Conference was planned and held at Cascade EE Centre on the 1st and 2nd December where 7 schools were invited. The Camp was amazing and the students had a great time learning a range of skills in environmental education. A number of outcomes were achieved.

An AGM was held and an executive were voted in and a constitution developed. Students constructed a tree of Sustainability with plans for sustainable practices back in schools. The YEC is a model for representation of our youth to discuss Environmental problems, initiatives and solutions. It is based on the SA model and is the first such model in NSW. Working closely with Kevin Butler the SEO in charge of EE in the DET and Sue Burton the Sustainable Schools Coordinator for DEC, the YEC has grown into a practicable and challenging program that engages and empowers youth with the skills to develop ecological sustainability, promote a just society, to become informed and active citizens and participate in lifelong learning.

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In 2006 the YEC has gone from strength to strength. Workshops were held each term and a very successful World Environment Day Expo at the Botanic gardens. On the 4th December we ran a Youth Environment Forum at the National marine Science Centre. All activities were very well attended and staff and students had a great time. We now have 21 schools registered and many environmental partners have come on board to promote the environment and assist the YEC. We have established the MRGEE network or Mid Rivers Group of Environmental Educators to liase with schools and assist with workshops, audits and programs. MRGEE is a collection of organisations with the idea to promote EE with the YEC as the nucleus. We have worked closely with Cascade EE Centre developing strong links.

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The YEC has developed a logo, vision, purpose and aims over the year whilst being involved in many fun hands on activities. We have developed a framework for other areas to copy and already the North Coast is looking at our model with the idea of setting up their own YEC network. It has been an exhausting, proactive and thoroughly enjoyable year. Reports from students, schools and staff have been glowing and the YEC has cemented its place as the number 1 Youth network in our area. Extensive media coverage in papers and on the Television has publicised our good work and showcased the YEC to the community. Our theme song is Paul Kelly’s, “From little things big things grow”, and this sums up our approach to EE.

Ian Judd – YEC mentor and HT Science Dorrigo High School.

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